Crime and Local Politics

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There’s (Rarely) a New Sheriff in Town: The Incumbency Advantage for County Sheriffs.” Working Paper.

Drug Policy

The cannabinoid content of legal cannabis in Washington State varies systematically across testing facilities and popular consumer products(with Nick Jikomes). Scientific Reports (2018). Replication Materials

“Bowling alone, dying together: the role of social capital in mitigating the drug overdose epidemic in the United States” (with Jason Salemi). Drug And Alcohol Dependence (2017)

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“Fentanyl shock: The changing geography of overdose in the United States.” International Journal of Drug Policy (2019). Replication Materials

Organized Groups

“Blue Endorsements Matter: How the Fraternal Order of Police Contributed to Donald Trump’s Victory.” PS: Political Science & Politics (2019). Replication Materials

“Does ‘right to work’ imperil the right to health? The effect of labour unions on workplace fatalities.Occupational & Environmental Medicine (2018). Replication Materials

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The Texas-Sized Impact of Beto O’Rourke’s 2018 Senate Campaign” (with Eliza Oehmler). Upending American Politics, New York: Oxford University Press (2020).


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