Cannabis “strain” variation in THC:CBD ratio, by lab

Using the I-502 data from Washington State and the ggridges library in R can make some fun graphics. In my paper with Nick, we show the distribution of logged THC:CBD ratio, by strain, for 30 or so popular strains (according to Leafly review data) for two labs — Confidence and Peak.¬† Here are those plotsContinue reading “Cannabis “strain” variation in THC:CBD ratio, by lab”

Editors choose newspaper headlines, not authors.

Based on the comments on my recent Monkey Cage post¬†(describing a paper Nick Jikomes and I wrote about inconsistent cannabanoid reporting, by lab in Washington’s i502 testing data and several other interesting things about legal cannabis revealed by the state’s testing data), I don’t think so many people realize that editors, not authors, choose headlines.Continue reading “Editors choose newspaper headlines, not authors.”

Summer Reading Goals and Progress

I have spent some time reading this summer. And a lot of time listening to Audiobooks. Not sure what my goals are, but I do like to keep on learning. I’ll track some progress and short-term targets here in this post, I guess. – Bible: Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon Job Psalms (To Do) Proverbs (ToContinue reading “Summer Reading Goals and Progress”

Some reasonable goals for near future

I’m feeling a little ambitious, but not in the “get something done” way so much as the “think abstractly about ways to improve yourself” type of ambition. Here are some reasonable goals for the near future (<5 years?): 1) Lend to every country on Kiva (currently ~50/84). So 34 to go. I already have severalContinue reading “Some reasonable goals for near future”

Why do so few medical students become Psychiatrists?

Today one of my coworkers and I got in an interesting discussion (or maybe an argument) about why relatively few medical students become psychiatrists. She just finished her first year at a pretty prestigious medical school. I claimed that it boiled down to stigma against mental illness, while she argued that the difference is explainedContinue reading “Why do so few medical students become Psychiatrists?”