My name is Michael Zoorob. Since January 2022, I’ve been based out of New York City, where I work as a Research Advancement Manager at Meta.

My background is in social science academics. In 2021, I completed a PhD in Government (academic political science) at Harvard. I’ve been active in the practice of politics as well: as an election worker and a founding board member of Brookline for Everyone, a group pushing for zoning reforms that increase housing production, affordability, and transit-oriented development (e.g. expanding multifamily zoning by right). I was elected to represent Brookline’s Precinct 3 as a Town Meeting Member (one of about 240 municipal legislators) in May 2021.

I study American politics with particular interests in crime and health. My dissertation research examines the politics of policing in the contexts of citizen crime reporting, elected Sheriffs, and the political response to neighborhood disorder. A separate line of research examines substance use and overdose. In both these domains, I explore how formal organizations and informal connections between people can shape behavior and public policy.

Feel free to e-mail me at mzoorob [at] gmail.com. I use he/his pronouns.