Homeowners of local politics (Brookline edition)

It is well-known that homeowners have an outsized role in local politics. In Brookline, 50% of residents rent and 50% own their homes. We also have a representative Town Meeting form of government, meaning that there is a 240 person municipal legislature called Town Meeting. I matched the addresses of our Town Meeting Members withContinue reading “Homeowners of local politics (Brookline edition)”

Keep Brookline Dense

This is a copy of a letter to the editor published in the Brookline Tab print ediiton December 5, 2019 and online on December 7. — I appreciated your recent article “Despite traffic, more Brookline commuters choose cars over public transportation” which provided information about the proportion of Brookline’s commuters who drive, bike, walk, andContinue reading “Keep Brookline Dense”

Dispensary density and sales

Please find replication materials (code and data) reproducing all figures and statements made in this blogpost at this link. One perennial theme on Brookline’s Townwide Discussion Facebook page is the NETA cannabis dispensary, with a vocal group of perhaps 10 people (in the Facebook group, the underlying constituency must be larger)  raising concerns about nuisanceContinue reading “Dispensary density and sales”